Dial-IQ: Setting-up Warm Transfer through Distribution Program

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Velocify Dial-IQ™ Warm Transfer Distribution leverages LeadManager Distribution in the warm transfer process. Prior to the 11.5.6 release when a user warm transferred a lead, they chose the agent to whom they would transfer the lead from a list. That list included every agent who was a Dial-IQ user who:

  • Has their Receive Leads button On
  • Has their Receive Calls button On
  • Who is not currently on a Dial-IQ call

With Dial-IQ Warm Transfer Distribution it is possible to create new type of distribution program that will govern which users are available to receive warm transfers. This new type of distribution program leverages all the settings of any other type of distribution program, e.g., user maximums, user filters, lead filters. The result is an intelligent list of available users appears to the user making the transfer.

Client Settings

Dial-IQ Warm Transfer Distribution must be enabled on the Client Settings page. In addition to the setting that enables Warm Transfers with Distribution, settings that enable Warm Transfer, Call Conferencing, and External Number Transfers/Conferencing are also in this section. Prior to the 11.5.6 release, these features were enabled on the back end and could only be turned on and off by contacting Velocify Support.

Click Client Settings on the Preferences Sub-menu



Click on the Call Settings: Client tab

Find the Transfer/Conference Settings at the bottom of the Call Settings: Client tab

Enabling “Warm Transfers” enables the ability to do warm transfers for all users in the account. When the user clicks “Transfer/Conference”, “Warm Transfer” will be one of the options. Click here for more on Warm Transfer.

Enabling “Warm Transfers with Distribution” enables the ability for a user to build a list of candidate users to transfer to using a special distribution program. In order to enable this feature, “Warm Transfers” option has to be enabled.

Enabling “Conferencing” feature enables the ability to create conference calls for all users in the client account. Click here for more on Conferencing.

Enabling “External Number Transfers/Conferencing” feature enables the ability to transfer to or conference someone by calling an external phone number not associated with a Dial-IQ user.

New Distribution Type – Dial-IQ: Warm Transfer

To use Dial-IQ Warm Transfer Distribution, create a distribution program of the type, “Dial-IQ: Warm Transfer.”


Creating this type of distribution program is similar to creating a distribution program of other kinds. Click here to for more information on creating distribution programs. This type of distribution program determines eligibility of agents at the time of the warm transfer. The actual distribution of the lead is done manually by the agent when they transfer the call. The settings configured for a Dial-IQ: Warm Transfer distribution program will determine the list of available agents that can appear when the transferring agent goes to make the warm transfer.

Using Dial-IQ Warm Transfer

Using Dial-IQ Warm Transfer is the same as it was prior to the 11.5.6 release. The only difference is that when you select Warm Transfer from the Transfer/Conference popup there will now be the option to Select User by Distribution.


Clicking the Select User by Distribution button will generate a list of users who:

  • Have their Receive Leads button On
  • Have their Receive Calls button On
  • Who is not currently on a Dial-IQ call
  • Who is eligible to receive this lead through a Dial-IQ: Warm Transfer type distribution program



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