Dial-IQ: Automatic Actions

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Dial-IQ Automatic Actions are actions that are taken on leads automatically based on the result of any Dial-IQ Outbound phone call. This eliminates the need to take actions on leads manually after placing Dial-IQ calls to them.


Dial-IQ Automatic Actions Client Settings

Click Client Settings on the Preferences submenu


 On the Call Settings: Client tab, scroll down to find the Automatic Actions Settings


There are four call results listed in this section. These call results are the final result of the call.

  • No Answer
  • Busy
  • Bad Number/Not in Service
  • Voicemail
  • Transfers (Warm Transfer, No-Hold Warm Transfer, Cold Transfer)

Each call result has a corresponding dropdown menu. Select an action from the dropdown menu corresponding with the call result. The action selected here will automatically be taken when the call has the corresponding result.

Note that actions requiring comments or Calendar Events will not appear in these dropdowns and it will not be possible to automatically take an action with such a requirement.


Dial-IQ Automatic Actions Logs

Dial-IQ Automatic Actions are logged in the lead logs on the Add/Edit Lead page. They are attributed to the user who placed the Dial-IQ call which resulted in the Automatic Action being taken.


  1. Click the Actions & Logs radio button
  2. The Dial-IQ call appears in the log here
  3. The Automatic Action resulting from the call appears in the log here
  4. Clicking the Dialer Call link loads information about the individual call into the Dialer Logs section




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