Dial-IQ: Dialer Messages

What are Dialer Messages?

Dial-IQ provides a series of event messages throughout its operations that provide information the actions the Dialer is taking on behalf of the user.  These messages provide information that can be useful to the user in understanding the fast-paced actions that are occurring as the Dialer goes through a variety of operations.

The following article provides information on the messages that are provided in Dial-IQ 2.0. 


Click-To-Dial Messages

Dial-IQ Message  Description
Initializing The Dialer is preparing to handle calls.  During this action, the Dialer will not attempt to connect calls.
Agent Connecting

The Dialer is attempting to connect with the agent.  When Dial-IQ handles a connection attempt, it first tries to connect the agent with the dialer.  This is to prevent the lead from receiving a call on which there is no available agent.  During this action, the agent's phone should ring and the agent should answer the call.  Once the call is answered by the agent, the Dialer will move on to the next phase of connecting the agent with the lead.  The agent's Caller ID will display the call as either coming from the Company Caller ID or from a Caller ID number established by the administrator for Dial-IQ call connections.

Agent Connected

The agent has answered the call from the Dialer.  The Dialer will now attempt to connect the agent with the chosen lead.  The agent will not hear ringing or any other audible connection tone during the period when the Dialer is attempting to connect the agent with the lead.

Lead Disconnected

The lead has ended the call.

You Did Not Answer

Agent did not answer his or her phone when contacted by the Dialer.

You Disconnected

Either the agent ended the call after connecting with the lead or the persistence timer has run out on the call. 

Call Cancelled

The agent has cancelled the call by pressing the Hang Up button before the call connected with the lead.


Call Transfers - Initiating Agent

These messages appear on the Dialer for the agent who initiates a call transfer.

Dial-IQ Message  Description
Searching for an Available Connection The Dialer is attempting to find an agent who is available to take the transfer.
Connection Not Found The Dialer attempted to find an agent who was available to take the transfer, but was unable to find an available agent.
Connecting to Internal User The Dialer has found an available agent and is making the connection with the agent.  Within a few moments, the call will be transferred to the available agent.
Transfer Complete The Dialer has successfully transferred the call to another agent. 


Call Transfer - Receiving Agent

The following messages will be seen by an agent when the Dial-IQ system is attempting to transfer a call to that agent.

Dial-IQ Message  Description
You Did Not Answer The Dialer attempted to transfer a call to the receiving agent, but the agent did not answer. 
Transfer from <Agent Name> This message indicates the agent who initiated the transfer.
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