Dial-IQ Reports: Call Activity Summary


The Call Activity Summary Report provides a summary for all calls made with Dial-IQ. Use this report to view details of every call made to every lead.

On the main menu, mouse over the reporting submenu, then the Lead Dialer Reports submenu, and click on Call Activity Summary.


The report will run automatically with some default settings. The report will return the Lead Call Summary for:

  • All Groups
  • All Users
  • From the last seven days

You can filter the results returned by this report by putting values in the Group, User and Date Range Filters.

It is also possible to sort results by clicking on the column headers.

Filtering and sorting the calls returned by this report is similar to filtering and sorting leads on the view leads page in normal view. Click here for more on filtering and sorting.

Set the Groups and Users filters as desired to see Lead Call Summary data from specific campaigns and statuses, or for groups or individuals. To change the range of dates you can click inside the To: and From: fields to change the dates, or click the Range: radio button and select a date range from the dropdown.

Note that this report is sometimes available as a sub-report on another report, when this is the case, the filter options will default to match those of the parent report.


The data returned by this report is as follows:

Lead Id- The value in this column is the Lead Id

Initiated By- This column will indicate if the call was initiated by Dial-IQ or by the user. This includes calls pushed by distribution programs and Scheduled Dials. User initiated calls will include Speed Dial, Intelli-Dial, and Click-to-Call.

User- The value in this column is the name of the user who received or placed the call

Group- If the user belongs to a group, the group name will appear in this column

Phone Number- This column displays the phone number dialed during that call

Date- This column displays the date and time of call

Duration- The value in this column is the total number of minutes the user spent on this call

Action- This column displays the action taken by the user during or as a result of this call

Record- This column contains two icons. Click the green arrow button to download the recording of the call. Click the red circle icon to delete the recording of the call. You will be asked to confirm this action.

Transfer Call- The value in this column indicates if the call was a transferred call or not


Note that these numbers do not include Shotgun Connect attempts

Call duration is reported to the tenth of a minute

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