Standard Reports: Contact Ratio Summary

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Contact Ratio Summary

On the Reporting sub-menu hover over User Reports and click Contact Ratio Summary.


The Contact Ratio Summary provides information about your contact ratios. Contact Ratio is simply the percentage of total leads that have been contacted by a user.


Our most successful clients use this report in several different ways:


  • Track their overall company contact ratio to judge the value of recent workflow and process changes
  • Compare total contact ratios among different users to gauge LO performance
  • Compare total contact ratios among different campaigns (lead sources) to gauge lead provider performance


Please note that this report is not accurate if you permit your users to change lead status manually.




You can run the report simply by clicking the Go button. However, there are several filtering options available when running the report that you will find useful:


Filter by Date Range

To the left of the Go button, specify a start and end date. This will filter the leads used to generate the report based on the date on which they were added to Velocify™. For instance, you might compare the contact ratio of the leads you received last month to the leads that you received in the prior month.



Filter by Group

You can filter the output of this report by group. This is useful if you wish to compare the performance of different teams. If a group manager is given access to reports, they will see only the performance of their own team.


By clicking the Show Advanced button, you can set additional filters:


Filter by User

You can see the performance of one or more users individually. This is most useful if you are interested in seeing the total performance of several users who are not grouped within a team.


Filter by Status

You can filter the leads used to generate this report based on their status. For instance, you might omit a “Returned” status to identify your contact ratio for your “good” leads.


Filter by Campaign

You can filter the leads used to generate this report based on campaign.


When you have set the date range and dialed the filters, click the Go button.


Note that you can click the Export to Excel button to export the report results to an excel spreadsheet.

After clicking Export to Excel a download dialog will pop up.


Select Save File and click the OK button.

Save the spreadsheet and open it.


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