Standard Reports: Campaign Plan Analysis

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Open the Main Menu, Mouse over reporting to open the Reporting Sub-menu and click Campaign Plan Analysis


The Campaign Plan Analysis shows you how many leads from a selected date range, from selected campaign(s) have reached or ever passed through selected status(es).

For example, you may want to know how many leads from the Lending Tree and Lower My Bills campaigns reached the Contacted, Application and Funded statuses.

Select a date range from the date fields. This example will select leads added to the system between 5/2/2011 and 5/9/2011.

Select one or more campaigns individually* or select All Campaigns from the Filter By Campaign list. This example will select the Lending Tree and the Lower My Bills campaigns.

Select one or more statuses individually* or select All Statuses from the Filter By Status list. This example will select the statuses; Contacted/Call Back, Application, and Funded.

*Control+Click on campaigns and statuses to select more than one.

Click the Go button.


By entering these criteria to the report, you are getting an answer to the question: “How many leads from the Lower My Bills and the Lenders Tree campaigns that entered the system between 5/2/2011 and 5/9/2011 reached or passed through the Contacted/Call Back status, the Application status and the Funded status?”

The results are displayed both in numbers and percentages. For example; 285 leads, or 58.6% of leads from the Lending Tree campaign reached the Application status compared to 272 leads, or 58.6%  of leads from the Lower my Bills campaign.

The last row in the report will always give the totals across all selected campaigns.

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