How To Basics: Add a User


How do I add a user?

1. Go to Menu > Administration > Manage Users



2. Click the Add New User button.



3. Enter, at a minimum, a user's email address, first name and last name, and then click Submit.


NOTE: Each user you create will be able to log in immediately using their email address and the default password 1234.



How do I assign the user a Role?

To set the users role, If a user will be an Administrator on your LeadManager, take these additional steps after creating the user:


1. To the right of that user's name click the link in the Options column and select Roles link



2. The role assignment form will load



3. Select the desired role; such as Administrator in the Available Roles column on the left

4. Click the Assign » button

5. Click the Return to Manage Users button


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