Emails: Overview

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Accessing Emails

On the Administration sub-menu, select Manage Emails. 


How do Velocify Emails Work?

The Velocify™ email system helps you keep in touch with potential clients quickly and consistently. Here are some key points:

  • In general, email strategies adhere to a 'drip campaign' style where messages are sent to specific leads at specific points along your sales cycle (statuses). For example, leads in Contact Attempt statuses may receive 'Trying-to-reach-you' emails, while leads that have moved to a Contacted status would receive 'Thank-you-for-speaking-with-me' emails. This allows for a ‘conversational’ format.
  • Most leads are touched with several emails over any period of time, and these emails are tailored to what is happening with that lead at any given point.
  • Email content is completely customizable.
  • Advanced Edition clients can add emails, adjust email triggers, scheduling and rules to create fully customized email drip campaigns. 
  • Typically, an initial introduction email is sent when a lead is first posted to Velocify.

Advanced Edition - Also see:  How do I setup an automatic email or drip campaign?


Manage Emails Page

The Manage Emails page list all emails in alphabetical order. The Title and Subject of each email is displayed, and ability to enable or disable individual emails is accessible on the Enabled column. 


What Changes Can I Make?

Edit an Email

Click on the Edit link to edit the content of the email.

Edit your email content, and click Apply to save.

Writing an email message here is very much like composing an email in any email client (such Gmail or Outlook). One difference is the the ability to use Field Tags. Field Tags act as placeholders that allow lead-specific information to be included in your email copy. For example, the lead's first name can be included in the email salutation by using a Field Tag.

Also see: Emails: Using Field Tags


Add an Attachment to an Email

Files, such as PDFs and Word documents can be attached to automatic emails.  SB-A-EditEmailPage_ComposeEmailTab-Attachment.png


Adjust Send Delay/Condition Settings on an Email

Advanced Edition clients have access to the Settings link. This link opens the Delivery/Drip Settings tab on an email. Details are available here.

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