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Troubleshooting leads aren't distributing

If leads are "stuck" in a new, unassigned status, there are a number of reasons they might fail to be distributed. The default distribution program picks up only leads that are:

  • Unassigned leads

  • In the default Status (The default Status is "New" for most databases)

  • With zero Actions in the log.

Most of the time, leads are not distributed for the following reasons:


Issue: Users are set to receive "0" (zero) leads per day.


Edit the user filters so users can receive one or more leads.


Issue: The distribution program is not enabled.


Enable distribution program.


IssueThere are no eligible leads.


The default distribution program distributes only leads that are:

• In the new or default status (usually "New")

• Not currently assigned to any users ("Unassigned")

• Have not had actions taken on them

Navigate to the View Leads page. Filter for leads that are new and unassigned and verify that there are leads eligible for distribution. 


Issue: Individual user has 'Receiving Leads" turned off


On the Manage Users page, check the values in the Receiving leads column for each user. Users can toggle this setting individually from their own accounts to turn off their lead distribution.


Issue: The distribution program requires users to have viewed a new page recently


Make sure that your users are logged in and using the LeadManager. Click the Edit link associated with a distribution program and increase the page view requirement on the Program Details tab. Try setting the page view requirement to 30 minutes or more if leads are not being distributed due to infrequent page views.Click here for a full description of how to add and edit distribution programs.


Issue: Users have reached their "Max Lead" quotas.


• Compare the Max Lead quotas set for each user against the distribution logs.

• If you are using the "Recycle" feature, please be aware that each lead assigned to a user will count against their quota, even if the lead is assigned away from them due to non-activity. This prevents users from acting only on attractive leads and ignoring others.

• Do not set your recycle times too low, otherwise your users will not have enough time to work each lead that they receive. We recommend setting the recycle time no lower than 30 minutes.

• Do not use the Recycle feature unless you are also using either the Schedule or Page View Requirement features. If you do not use one of these features, the distribution program will assign and reassign leads to your users throughout the night. This will "max-out" your users prematurely and may send dozens of errant emails.

• Ensure that your quotas reflect the number of leads that you buy each day. If you have 10 users who receive 10 leads per day, you cannot distribute more than 100 leads per day. If you recycle leads between users, your capacity drops further. Please note that the Max Leads setting offers two ways of measuring a day:


On the user or groups set max settings page, the upper setting always you to set maximum leads in increments per minute, hours, or days.

3 per 30 minutes
3 per 2 hours
3 per day.

If using the per day function please note that this day is a 24 hour window set from the first time the person receives a lead. For instance, if it is currently 1pm on Thursday, this Max Leads setting would not send a user leads if they have received 5 or more leads since 1pm on Wednesday.

The other setting half of this page references setting a "daily maximum"
This setting when used sets the maximum per calendar day. So if the intent is to allow a user a max of 12 leads on any given day, this is the recommended setting to use.


Issue: Users have restrictive filters that do not match the leads being distributed.

Example: John User has a filter that reads: "State contains CA, NY, IL (restrictive)" however, the only available leads are Nevada state leads.


Edit the user filters for at least one distribution program so users can receive one or more leads.


Issue: Users have conflicting restrictive filters.


Each restrictive filter is considered individually. Suppose two restrictive filters exist on a user - "Status equal to "New"" and "Status equal to 'Old'." This user will not receive leads because a lead cannot simultaneously be both "New" and "Old." If the intent is to allow this user to receive these status leads but not others the filter should read "Status contains New, Old (restrictive)"


Issue: Your distribution program has a schedule.


Configure distribution program to run during certain times for each day of the week. This schedule operates on the time zone selected on the Client Settings page (Preferences >> Client Settings).

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