Manage Groups: Creating a Hierarchy of Groups

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Main Group

Your LeadManager comes with a "Main" group that simplifies the process of configuring settings for your users. For instance, you can set up rules to control the distribution of leads for all users within any group. Even if you do not have multiple teams of employees, we recommend that you add your users to a group.

If you would like to create a number of groups with a hierarchical structure:

Plan your structure on paper. Note that a manager of a group has control over both their group as well as the sub-groups beneath them in the hierarchy.

  • Click Manage Groups on the Administration Submenu.
  • Click the "Add New Group" button.
  • Enter a title for the group (e.g. "Team A"), choose a Parent Group (the parent group for Chicago Team A would be Midwest Region), and then click Submit.
  • Next, click the "Users" link to the right of a group, select the desired users from the "Available Users" pane, and then click Assign ».
    Select the manager's name in the "Users in group […]" pane on the right and click Set as Manager.


  • Click Return to Manage Groups, and then repeat for each remaining group in your company.


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