Manage Users: Deleting a User the RIGHT way


It is recommended that before deleting a user you follow these steps:

On the Manage Users Page Click the User's Password link and change their password.

Then to re-assign their leads, follow these steps.

On the View Leads Page, select the users name from the user filter and click the Go button. This will return all the users leads.

Open the Lead Control Menu, which is a little box with an arrow on it at the top of the Selection Column, and select Check All

Using the Lead Control Menu again, mouse over Assign Leads and re-assign the leads as necessary, either to another user, or unassigned, if you would like them to be eligible for automatic distribution.

Clients using our Enterprise product can use the a Custom Report and the Batch Processing Tool to transfer a large number of leads at once.

What happens to a user's assigned leads when I delete that user from my Velocify™ account?

Even if a user is deleted, the leads will remain assigned to the user.

If you have already deleted the user, contact Velocify Support ( to have that user's account restored. After the deleted user has been restored, follow the above described steps to re-assign all of that user's leads and delete the account again.

You can also create a Report on leads assigned to deleted Users

 How to Report on Leads in a Deleted User's Name

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