Form Builder: Using Tool Tips

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The Tool Tip is configured on the Form Builder. It enables you to embed information on the Add/Edit Lead page that users can access by mousing over a question mark icon that appears next to the field. You may choose to do for rarely used fields or fields that require a little more explanation as to exactly what type of data is meant to be captured.

To edit the Tool Tip click the Edit link in the Options column next associated with the field you want to edit.

On the Add/Edit Field popup, enter into the Tool Tip text box the verbiage you would like users to see when they mouse over the question mark icon on the Add/Edit Lead page.  Note that the only text can be entered into the Tool Tip, not images or HTML. The Tool Tip has a character limit of 500.

In this example, the field receiving a Tool Tip is First Name.

Enter the text and click the Submit button. Click here to learn more about the Form Builder.


After the Tool Tip has been saved, A question mark icon will appear next to the field on the Add/Edit Lead form.

Mousing over the question mark will display the Tool Tip to the user.

 Click here to learn more about the Add/Edit Lead page.

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