Lead Edit: Changing Status in Bulk

This article will explain to you how to change the Status of Multiple leads in the Normal View

1. Go to the Leads tab in and select Normal View

2. Select the leads whose Status you want to change. Selecting a lead is done by clicking the check box in the Selection Column.

3. The Selection Column appears at the left side of the View Leads Table.


4. Select the leads that you want to change the Status for by checking the box next to each corresponding lead record.

5. With the desired leads selected, click the Lead Control Arrow icon which appears at the top of the Selection Column.

6. Clicking here will reveal the Lead Control Menu. Please note that depending on your role, the LeadControl Menu items will vary.

7. Move your mouse over Change Status to reveal a list of the possible Statuses.

8. Move your mouse to the Status you would like to change the leads to and click.

This is the Selection Column on the ViewLeads Page


The Normal View page will now reload with the changes you made.

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