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This feature is for users who are experienced writing and troubleshooting HTML. Writing and Troubleshooting HTML is outside the scope of Velocify™ support. Velocify is not responsible for changes to HTML in your email templates. Editing the HTML code is not recommended unless you have experience doing so. This article describes a process that relies on third party systems for image hosting and HTML code generation and as such, your results may vary. It is recommended that you only use this feature if you have experience writing and troubleshooting HTML.

Velocify does not host images. So in order to have your company logo appear in an html email, the first thing you need to do is to upload your logo to an image hosting site. Image hosting sites include Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, etc.

Once you have uploaded your logo image file to the image hosting site, find the html code to embed the image. The html code used to embed the image will be found in different places depending on which image hosting service you are using. Below are two examples; Flickr and Photobucket. This is a very common practice with all image hosting sites, so if you are using site other than Flickr or Photobucket, the html code should be easy to find. Consult the image hosting websites documentation if you can not find the HTML code for embedding images.

Example 1 – Flickr:

Click the arrow to expand the image sharing options

Click the section labeled Grab the HTML/BBCode

Make sure the HTML radio button is selected at the bottom of the form and copy the code that appears in the text box.


Example 2 – Photobucket:

Click inside the field labeled HTML

The HTML code is copied to your clipboard as soon as you click in the field so the the field will immediately display “Copied.”

Once you have copied the html code to your clipboard, you will need to paste it into your email template.


Log into Velocify and Click Manage Emails on the Administration submenu

Click the Edit link in the Options column that corresponds to the email template you want to edit.


Make sure the Format of the email is Html

Below the body of the email, click HTML to edit the emails html code.

Paste the html code that you copied from the image hosting site into the body of the email template.


Click the Submit button to save the change.

Your logo will now appear in the email template.

Important Note - You may need to make other changes to the html to ensure that the logo displays as desired. This is outside the scope of Velocify support.


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