Duplicate Management: Add/Edit Duplicate Management Program

Duplicate Management is a Velocify™ feature that must be enabled at the client level by an account manager.

Adding new Duplicate Management Programs and editing existing ones are done using the same pages in Velocify LeadManager™. This article describes how to add a new Duplicate Management program.

The first thing you need to do is to create duplicate management program to determine which leads will be checked for duplicates.  On the Duplicate Management Page, click the Add New Program button


Give the program a Title

Click Save


After clicking Save, additional fields and four new tabs will appear:

  • Which incoming leads should be checked?
  • What are the rules for identifying duplicates
  • Auto Reconciliation Rules
  • Merge Rules


The Enabled checkbox and Reconciliation radio button will also appear. Leave these with their default values for now and click the Which incoming leads should be checked? Tab


This tab allows you to configure which leads will be checked by this program upon entering your system. Configuration is done by setting filters. Setting filters here is the same process you would use in creating filters for distribution programs or send conditions for emails.

For example, let’s say you want to check all leads from the state of California for duplicates. Here’s how to set a filter that that catches all leads that enter the system with CA in the state field.

Select State from the Column pulldown


Select Equal to from the Operator pulldown


Select CA from the Value pulldown


Click the Add Filter button


Your filter now appears at the bottom of the form. You may add multiple filters. Only leads meeting all these criteria will be checked for duplicates by this program


In this example, the program will only check leads from California as potential duplicates


Next click the What are the rules for identifying duplicates? Tab

On this tab, you will configure which fields the program will use to identify duplicate leads

Select criteria from the Available Fields list

Click the Add button


Appearing now in the Identify Duplicates By list, these fields will be compared to determine the presence of duplicate leads


Use the filters on this tab to configure which existing leads you want to check against for duplicates

For example if you do not want to check against leads that are in the Closed status, set the filter “Status - Not Equal to - Closed”


When you are done, click the Return to Programs button


The steps to edit an existing Duplicate Management program are the same, except instead of clicking the Add New Program button, you click the Edit link in the Options column on the Duplicate Management page.

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