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Scheduling a report is done on the Email Report page.

The email report page cannot be directly navigated to through the main menu.

To reach this page you can 1) Click the email report button after running a report.

Or you can 2) Click the Email link on the Custom Reports page. This example will demonstrate the second method.


Click Custom Reports on the Reporting Submenu



The Custom Reports page will load.


Click the Email link associated with the report you want to schedule.

Complete this form to schedule the report. Configure the following settings:


Report format: Excel or Text

Report Recipients: Click to select names, then click the Add button

Email Subject: Enter your desired email subject line

Email Message: Enter content to appear in the body of the email

Filter Email Results by Role: Leave this box checked to make sure report recipients only receive report results permitted by their role. More on this.

Schedule: Send the report immediately or schedule it to be sent once in the future, or at regular intervals.

When you have created your custom report, click Submit.


To see a history of scheduled reports and batch processes click Scheduled Reports on the Reporting submenu.

The Scheduled Reports page has two sections.

The top section shows reports that are scheduled to be run. The bottom section shows scheduled reports that have been completed.

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