Manage Users: Locating a user's 'Agent ID'

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Find an Agent ID associated with a user:

For example, you may need to find the Agent ID for “John Doe". To do this go to Menu > Administration > Manage Users > Click on Options for John Doe > Settings. A new page will load, and the user's agent ID will display as a number at the end of the webpage URL (see screenshot below).



Find a user associated with a Agent ID:


For example, you may need to know what user is associated with Agent ID 100. To do this follow the same steps as in the first example with one additional step: replace the "AgentID=" value in the existing URL with “100” and press 'Enter' on your keyboard to reload the webpage. The User Settings page that appears is the user who has Agent ID = 100.


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    Gene Uritsky

    You can also pull a complete list of User IDs from the RoboMapper. 

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