Custom Reports: Report on Leads Assigned to a Deleted User

This report will allow Administrators to report on all of the leads that are in a deleted users name.

How to create this report:

1. Go to Menu > Reporting > Custom Reports

2. In the upper left hand corner of the first window click on the Create New Report button. 


 3. For the first step change the top portion called Base Data to Leads. In the box just below put a title for this report you will create. 


4. Proceed to Step 2 by clicking on the Step 2 button in the upper right hand corner of the report menu. 

5. For this step you will want to bring over the following fields from the left to the right (Note: You can add more fields to this report)

- Id

- Campaign

- Status

- User


6. Proceed to Step 3 by clicking on Step 3 in the upper right hand corner of the report menu.

7. Now you will add the following filters to this report: 

-  User   Is Status    -1


 8. Select Save & Run in the upper right hand corner of the Reporting Menu. 

 9. This is how your report will display and here is the definition for each columns results.


Id – Lead ID of the record

Campaign – The campaign of the lead record

Status – The status of the lead prior to deletion

User – The deleted user

NOTE – The most efficient way of assigning leads is through the batch process feature

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