How To Basics: Review File Storage Settings and Increase File Storage

When uploading documents or files into a lead, storage space is being filled in the database. Depending on the amount of storage you have purchased on a per month basis, this amount may vary. In order to check your settings to see how much storage is currently available in the database, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu > Preferences > Client Setting

2. At bottom of the page, click the link titled “Edit File Storage Settings”

3. Here you will find a drop a field titled “File Storage Limit”, showing the amount of file space currently in the database.


To change or increase the amount of storage space, simply click on the drop down arrow and select the desired amount of space. The usage amount is also available on this page to create awareness of how much storage is available in your database.

Please note that each increase in Gigabytes is a cost of $100/Month/GB. The drop down field will allow you to select up to 20 GB of space.

NOTE: If you would like to request to have more than 20 GB of storage space, please contact your account manager who will be able to go over pricing and complete the request. 

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