Why Can't I Take an Action on My Leads?

If you are attempting to take an action on a particular lead record and the action is not recording, these are the troubleshooting steps to help resolve your issue:


1. Be sure to click on the button Add Action and not hit the Save or Save & Close buttons prior to doing this. If you click on Save or Save & Close buttons prior to clicking Add Action your action and note for that action will not save in the lead record. 


2. Some Actions require a comment to be made on them, for those actions enter a comment and click on Add Action. If you don't enter a comment into the Comment field, you will see next to the field a message next to the Comment field that will display as *Required.


3. If the Action Window is not displaying on the lead record and you can only see the History section in Velocify, this means that there are no actions that are associated with this status. You will need to contact the Administrator on your account and make sure that there are Actions associated with this Status

4. Clear the Cache, Cookies, and Browsing History of your Internet Browser. After you do this Close the Browser and Log back into Velocify through the following URL:

If any of these methods do not remedy your issue of not being able to take an action on a lead record, please contact your Administrator on your account to further review. 

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