Velocify Pulse: Validation Rules

Note: this content is intended for Velocify for Salesforce users who have administrative logins.


How Does Velocify for Salesforce Interact with Salesforce Validation Rules?


In order for Velocify for Salesforce to operate as intended, it is necessary that Velocify be allowed within an organization’s Salesforce environment to make changes to objects. Most important among these are changes to the Salesforce Lead, Salesforce Opportunity and Salesforce Activity objects.


Many organizations that use Salesforce have Validation Rules built within Salesforce on a variety of objects that either prevent certain amendments to the object or allow only amendments to be made through the Validation Rule.


Because of this, Validation Rules that exist on objects required by Velocify for Salesforce can interfere with the proper functioning of Velocify, causing either failure of certain processes.  As such, it is important that all existing Validation Rules on objects used by Velocify are identified and their impact on the Velocify program be identified before installation, so that the appropriate bypass can be implemented to ensure proper operation of both existing packages and Velocify.



Where Are These Conflicts Likely To Occur?


The following processes are known to require access to objects that might have existing Validation Rules:

  • Synchronizing records with LeadManager for Velocify ID assignment
  • Distribution and owner changes
  • Guided Selling processes, such as status or stage changes
  • Logging Velocify Actions as Salesforce Tasks



Are There Any Post-Installation Validation Rules Concerns?


If a client introduces new Required Field validations on existing fields or an additional Validation Rule on an object used by Velocify without contemporaneously addressing how this might impact Velocify operation, it can cause application errors.  


If a new package has been installed in the client's SalesForce environment and errors occur in Velocify, a good starting point to resolve this issue would be to review any Validation Rules that are causing conflict with changes that Velocify needs to make in order to operate correctly.

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