How To Basics: Generate a Posting URL



How to Generate a Posting URL

The below steps explain how to generate a posting URL for common lead providers and Velocify partners, such as Lending Tree or Zillow. If you need a posting URL for a custom website or uncommon lead provider, please contact our support team.


1. Navigate to Menu - Administration - Manage Campaigns



2. Select Add New Campaign to create a new campaign that will hold leads from this provider



3. Enter all necessary information for your new campaign, including Title, Alternate Title, Type, Email, Notes, etc. For more details on these fields and on adding a campaign, please see the related article.



4. Click on Active to activate the campaign


5. Select the lead provider from the Provider dropdown


6. Click Submit


7. Once back on the main Manage Campaigns page, select the Delivery Instructions/URL link next to the new campaign and copy and paste the highlighted area into an e-mail.


8. Send the URL to the lead provider, and they will be able to start sending leads directly to your database


NOTE: If the provider is not listed, please continue to create a campaign for your leads. Then email with the name of your lead provider and the ID of the new campaign, and our support team will provide the posting URL.


NOTE: Requests for a URL can only come from an administrator on the account. If you are a lead provider, please contact the company's administrator.



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