Why Did My Leads Disappear?

There are many reasons why your leads might have disappeared from your view. This article will explain a few possible reasons and cover the steps for each: 

You May Not Be Able to View Your Leads

The main reason why your leads may have “disappeared” from your user account is not because they were reassigned or deleted, but rather because you simply cannot view them. Below are the best steps to troubleshoot this problem to make sure you can see all of the leads assigned to you:

1. Go to the Normal View page, found under the Leads tab of your Velocify account.

2. Near the top of the screen, you will see a row of filters. You are able to filters which leads you see by the lead’s Status, Campaign, and Date Added into Velocify.



3. Click on the first link in that row of filters to designate which statuses you want to be able to view. In order to view all of your leads, you would select “All Statuses,” then click on the orange Submit button.



4. Do the same for the next link in the row of filters to select which campaigns you want to view. In order to view all campaigns, you will select All Campaigns from the list.

5. Click on the last link in the row of filters to select the date added for the leads you want to view. This will give you options to view leads added today, yesterday, in the last seven days, etc. To view all of your assigned leads, you will want to select the button labeled All Time. Then click Select.



6. Lastly, click on the Go button next to the filters to load your filters to your Normal View.

Leads May Have Been Reassigned to a Different User in the System

It is possible that your leads were reassigned to a different user. This can happen for a few different reasons:

-  You did not call or follow up on your leads soon enough.

-  You left an action that told Velocify to change that status and assigned user.

-  An administrator has manually reassigned the lead away from you.

If this is the case, please talk to your office administrator for clarification.

You Did Not Receive Any New Leads Initially

When leads come into Velocify, they will not necessarily be sent straight to your account for you to call them. Below are the steps you can take to make sure you are initially receiving leads:

1. At the top right side of your screen, make sure that your Leads button is green and turned ON, not OFF.


2. If your company receives inbound calls through Dial IQ, you will also want to make sure your calls button is ON and not OFF.


If this did not help you troubleshoot and you still cannot view any of your leads, please see your company’s Velocify Administrator for assistance. There are many administrative settings that can dictate who can receive leads, how often, and how many. If your administrator spots a problem, have him contact Velocify Support

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