Dial-IQ: Local Presence

How to Access Local Presence Setup

Local Presence can be turned on from the Call Settings: Client tab under Client Settings.  This feature is currently only available in Beta and will be released to the general public in mid/late 2014.


What is Local Presence?

Local Presence allows clients to present a Caller ID to leads that represents an Area Code related to the geographic location of the lead. 

Calls placed by leads to these area code automatically are routed to the lead's owner in LeadManager, providing a seamless experience to the lead.

How Does Local Presence Integrate with Other Caller ID Features?

When Local Presence is in use by a client's organization, agents can choose between the following Caller IDs from the Dialer itself when initiating calls to leads:

  • Local Caller ID
  • Agent Caller ID
  • Company Caller ID
  • Dial-IQ Phone

How Do I Know What Number I am Presenting to the Lead?

When Local Presence is in use by an agent, the number presented to the lead as the local Caller ID is shown in the Dialer.



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