Velocify Pulse: Conversions

What are Conversions?


Conversions are triggered based on a leads' Milestone (as established by the series of Actions that have been taken on a lead) or by a Manual Status Change.


Upon Conversion in Salesforce, the following field changes occur in Velocify: 

  • Existing record in Velocify Lead Manager sets theIsConverted field to True.
  • New Record created in Velocify that will map to the newly created SFDC Opportunity, with Object Type field on record in Velocify set to Opportunity.


What Options for Conversions are Available?


Automated Conversion: Converts Lead to Opportunity (along with corresponding Account and Contact) behind the scenes automatically; bypass SFDC Convert Lead Page.


Manual Conversion: Triggers dialogue; users can select to convert or not convert at this time. If yes, take them to default Salesforce Convert Lead page.

  • Velocify must be able to update/create records/fields if this option is selected.
  • The Velocify for Salesforce user who triggers this conversion must have the correct permission set within Salesforce to convert a lead to an opportunity.


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