Velocify Pulse: Guided Selling

What is Velocify Guided Selling?


Velocify Guided Selling refers to the series of tools available to a Velocify for Salesforce client to automate the sales process. 


What Comprises the Velocify Guided Selling System?


The following items comprise the Velocify Guided Selling System:




Velocify for Salesforce automates and streamlines the sales process through Velocify Guided Selling, which is a series of tools and processes that result in increased sales productivity. 


At the center of Velocify’s Guided Selling system is the Velocify Action model. Actions progress a record through a pre-defined set of statuses or stages, as well as allowing the automation of other functions through the Take Action process. Simply put, taking an Action on a record updates the status or stage field on behalf of the user who took the Action.


The following metadata is associated with Velocify Actions:

  • Is Contact
  • Is Contact Attempt
  • Milestone




Statuses and stages used in Velocify for Salesforce are copied from the organization’s Salesforce environment, so that the progression of records by Velocify is correctly synchronized with the organization’s Salesforce environment.


If a lead or an opportunity is assigned to a Velocify ID and that lead or opportunity is placed in a status or stage that has not yet been synchronized with Velocify for Salesforce, Velocify will automatically copy that status or stage into the Velocify environment.

The following metadata is associated with status and stage in Velocify:

  • Available Actions
  • Milestone




Another tool provided by Velocify for Salesforce is the ability to associate Milestones with Velocify Actions. A milestone is used broadly to define segmented points in a lead or opportunity’s lifecycle and specifically to trigger the automatic conversion of leads to opportunities.


The automated conversion of leads into opportunities is an important (though optional) method in which your organization can improve sales performance through immediate performance of changes to the record upon reaching the specified Milestone.


Note: when associating a Milestone with a Lead Status as the Conversion Milestone, it is important to also designate that specific Lead Status as Convertedin Salesforce.



For information on Conversions, please click here.

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