Velocify Pulse: One-Click Email

What is One-Click Email?

One-Click Email will allow users to quickly send emails to prospects from within Velocify for Salesforce as part of your organization's contact strategy.


This new feature leverages existing Salesforce Email functionality, making it easy to use for existing Salesforce environments. Users will be able to select from the organization's defined, user-accessible Email Templates.


It is also possible (depending on settings) for users to generate a custom email directly from Priority View.  This new feature allows users to continue to move quickly and efficiently in their engagement of pending prospects.


How do I set up One-Click Email for my organization?

All users with permissions in their profile settings to send email can use One-Click Email.

Within the Profile Settings, select Send Email.




How do I use One-Click Email?

From either Priority or Standard View, users who have permissions to send emails will see the email icon available for each record.



Selecting the email icon will open the One-Click Email panel.

  • Users with permissions to use templates can select from their approved templates
  • All users can create a Custom Email


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