Velocify Pulse: Local Presence

What is Local Presence?

Local Presence provides organizations the opportunity to increase their contact rate with leads and opportunities with a click of a button.  Built on Velocify's integrated dialer (Dial-IQ), Local Presence allows organizations to present a geographically similar area code as the Caller ID when making calls through Velocify's Dial-IQ feature. 

With many studies showing that this can result in an improvement in contact rate by about 30% or more, this feature is a critical benefit to any organization that makes frequent calls to contacts throughout the country.


How does my organization get started?

Your organization will need to use Velocify's integrated dialer system in order to utilize Local Presence.  To add Local Presence to your organization's Velocify for Salesforce package, please contact Velocify via


Once your organization adds Local Presence to your Velocify for Salesforce environment, your organization will be provisioned with unique phone numbers for each area code in the United States.


Where do I manage Local Presence?

After you have added Local Presence to your Velocify for Salesforce package, tools to manage Local Presence can be accessed under Velocify Admin in the Dialer tab.  


From the Local Presence page, you can manage the following settings:

Enable / Disable Local Presence
: Use this setting to determine whether all licensed Velocify users in your organization will have Local Presence enabled or disabled for calls placed through Velocify one-click dialing.


Company Forwarding Number: When calls are placed to Local Presence phone numbers that represent your company, this is the phone number that Velocify will forward these calls to so that they can be answered by your organization.



View Provisioned Numbers


Use this link to view the numbers assigned to your organization for calls placed through Local Presence.


How do I use Local Presence?

Once Local Presence is activated by your organization, licensed Velocify users placing calls through the Velocify Dialer will see the Local Presence symbol in the left of the Caller ID field when Local Presence is in use.  The phone number presented in the Dialer Caller ID represents the user's Local Presence Caller ID as it will show to the call recipient.


If Local Presence is unable to identify a geographically near phone number to the area code when placing a call, Velocify will default to using the user's individual Caller ID.  This will be represented by a headset in the Caller ID field and display of the user's Caller ID in the Caller ID field.

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