Velocify LeadManager 14.4.2 Release Notes

Velocify is pleased to announce the newest version of LeadManager, which features a series of improvements that will allow your organization more refined control over user-access to tools in LeadManager, as well as repairs to improve product performance.


What's New in LeadManager 14.4.2?

The following features are now available in LeadManager 14.4.2:

  • Support for marketing of multiple products / campaigns to a single lead.
  • New functionality in Dashboard reporting that gives organizations the ability to select any Date / Time field (such as Date of inquiry) as the baseline for metrics shown in the Company-level view of Dashboard.
  • Access to the new Roles & Permissions page, which allows organizations using Advanced Edition the ability to quickly manage their own User permissions without contacting Velocify Support.

When will my organization receive 14.4.2?

LeadManager 14.4.2 will be deployed to organizations during the week of 12/1/2014 through 12/4/2014, when deployment will be complete for all organizations.


What is support for marketing of multiple products / campaigns to a single lead?

LeadManager can now support marketing of multiple campaigns or products to a single lead. For organizations that re-market to existing leads, this allows a lead that was closed on a previous campaign to respond to a new campaign that has its own, unique distribution and call routing compared to the previously assigned campaign for the lead. Utilizing intelligence based around the phone number of the campaign and the lead itself, this new feature allows LeadManager to correctly distribute the lead to the appropriate sales team within the client organization.

To utilize this new functionality, please contact your Velocify Account Manager.


How can my organization use the new functionality in Dashboard reporting?

LeadManager can now utilize any time/date field as the baseline for metrics on Speed-to-Call, Speed-to-Contact, etc. that are reported at the Company-level on the LeadManager Dashboard. For organizations that see re-posting of existing leads over long periods of time, this feature can provide better metrics on these key data points to your administrative team.

To utilize this new functionality, please contact your Velocify Account Manager.


What is the new Roles & Permissions page?

For organizations that have licensed LeadManager Advanced Edition, the new Roles & Permissions page allows administrators within your organization to quickly, easily, and clearly manage the tools, data, and leads accessible to the various roles that exist in your organization. For Advanced Edition clients, this means no more contacting Velocify Support for assistance in making changes to permission sets used to manage user access to Read, Add, Update, and Delete abilities for a variety of functions in LeadManager.

Additionally, the new Roles & Permissions page provides logging that will allow organizations to review changes made to permission sets, so that any revisions to settings can be reviewed and re-implemented if needed.


Can organizations using LeadManager Standard Edition access the new Roles & Permissions page?

No.  Standard Edition clients will need to contact Velocify Support, still, for assistance in making changes to roles and permissions in LeadManager.  Velocify support can be contacted at


How do I get access to the new Roles & Permissions page if my organization uses Advanced Edition?

Contact Velocify Support at and request that your organization be given access to this new feature. Once activated, Roles & Permissions can be accessed from the Administration menu.

What defects are repaired by the 14.4.2 release of LeadManager?

The following updates and bug repairs are included in this release:

    • Repaired a defect in the Dialer that caused the Call Queue to close after saving a Calendar event within the Dialer.
    • Corrected error that was appearing when Custom Report filter and Email template were left blank.
    • Repaired a defect that was causing the Custom Report template filters to return no results when attempting to view Custom Reports. This search filter is now working as intended again.
    • Updated column headers in User Call Activity report to better reflect data being reported:
      • Lead Count has been changed to Total Leads Assigned.
      • Leads Assigned has been changed to User Assigned Leads.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing LeadManager to be unable to export data to Excel in Chrome browsers when the report title included a comma.
    • Repaired issue in Manage Campaigns that was preventing user from changing the status of a campaign with active leads to Inactive.
    • Implemented correction to Lead Add/Edit page so that deletion of Attachments will no longer result in an error message.


If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.

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