Velocify Pulse Fall 14 Minor I Release Notes

What is the deployment schedule for Fall 14 Minor I?

  • Client Organizations on Fall 14 will see the Minor I package pushed to their Sandbox environment during the evening 12/12/2014.
  • Client Organizations on Fall 14 will see the Minor I package pushed to their Production environment during the evening 12/16/2014.

To determine what version of Velocify for Salesforce that your organization is currently operating on, you can review the version number under the Manage Apps page in Salesforce Setup.


Are there any new features or integrations as part of this release that may disrupt my Salesforce Production environment?

No, this release is bug repairs and updates to existing features only.


What is being repaired in the Fall 14 Minor I Release?

There are over two dozen bugs and defects repaired by the Fall 14 Minor I release.  Of note, the following issues are addressed by this release:

  • De-duplication process was assigning the Parent Lead to the Primary Admin.  A work-around was created to address this issue moving forward.
  • Corrected an error that was causing failure on conversion when using Velocify for Salesforce in Sales Console.
  • Fixed a defect that was causing an exception error when loading Opportunity Details.
  • Implemented corrections to bugs causing errors in list view related to Action list not populating and issues with columns when viewing Opportunities.
  • Updated the Velocify Timeline in Lead/Opportunity Details pages so that Filter Options do not appear on the Upcoming button.
  • Corrected a messaging error that displaying the wrong error message to Non-Velocify users when they selected Take Action.
  • Updated the Action pop-up so that Status/Stage of the Record is displayed.


If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.

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