Velocify LeadManager 14.4.4 Release Notes

What's New in LeadManager 14.4.4?

The following features are now available in LeadManager 14.4.4:

  • Phone Extension fields now available in Manage User pages
  • It is now possible to review and control Group assignments via the Manage User page
  • For clients with Encompass integrations, enhanced security encryption of login information
  • Campaign Caller ID for Dial-IQ 2.0
  • Call Status monitoring within User Call Activity report for Dial-IQ 2.0


When will my organization receive 14.4.4?

LeadManager 14.4.4 will be deployed to organizations during the week of 12/1/2014 through 12/4/2014, when deployment will be complete for all organizations.


How has the Manage Users page been updated?

The Manage Users page has been updated with a pair of changes intended to make management of your organizations licensed users a more streamlined process:

  • Added the ability to review Group assignments from the Manage Users page. 
  • Updated all pages within the Manage Users page that provide Phone Number fields to include Extension fields for greater control over user contact information.


How can my organization benefit from the new Session Time-Out Message?

14.4.4 includes a new session time-out message, which will appear to users five minutes prior to automatic logout due to inactivity. Users will have the option to indicate that they are "still here", so that the system does not automatically log out the user. This feature will be provided standard to all LeadManager clients and requires no additional administration to implement.


New System Field: Last Email Open Date

14.4.4 includes a new system field that captures the last date an email was opened by a lead. This new field can be leveraged to create distribution and prioritization programs intended to quickly respond to leads that have recently opened an email sent by the client organization.


How has Velocify improved security for organizations with Encompass Integrations?

Additional security has been added to organizations with Encompass Integrations, Moving forward, all clients with an Encompass integration will have their individual Encompass credentials masked on LeadManager when viewed under My Settings. Upon request, Velocify can either enable or disable the encryption for your organization.


What is Campaign Caller ID?

Campaign Caller ID allows organizations with Dial-IQ 2.0 to set a Caller ID Phone Number for any Campaign so that when a lead assigned to that campaign is contacted by the organization, the lead is shown the unique Caller ID assigned to the Campaign.  This can be advantageous to organizations that wish to present a Caller ID to leads that will result in specific call-back routing or Caller IDs that represent a sub-division within an organization.

All Dial-IQ 2.0 clients can activate this feature.  Instructions and details on administering and using Campaign Caller ID can be found here.


How can my organization use Call Status Monitoring in the User Activity Report?

The Dial-IQ 2.0 User Call Activity report has been updated to provide information on whether Dial-IQ 2.0 agents are actively on a call or otherwise available.  Agents who are currently on a call when the report is generated will be shown with a green phone icon in the Call Status column; those who are currently available will be shown with a red phone icon.


What defects are repaired by the 14.4.4 release of LeadManager?

The following updates and bug repairs are included in this release:

  • Corrected Campaign API to address defect wherein client API reported successful creation of Campaigns, but the Campaign was not in fact created in LeadManager.
  • Repaired an issue with selection of Lead Form Type in Form Builder that was causing an error to appear when this option was chosen.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing field-level tool-tips to appear at the top of the page.
  • Updated User Email Address field to accept the following special characters in email addresses: !#$%^&*/?={ | } '.
  • Updated Velocify Terms of Use and Privacy Statement links at bottom of all pages.
  • Corrected column sort options for Manage Actions page.

  • Updated the Dial-IQ Inbound Report to display information on whether a call was successfully transferred to another agent or to an external line, as opposed to displaying No Answer.
  • Fixed an issue with CallBack Reminder functionality that was causing Dial-IQ to repeatedly attempt to initiate the CallBack Reminder when an invalid phone number is assigned to the lead.
  • Updated the Dial-IQ Inbound Report to provide more accurate reporting of data on Call Duration and Call Result.
  • Improved synchronization between the Call Activity Summary Report and the Call Usage report so that data reported is more accurate.
  • Corrected the Performance Metrics report so that calculations displayed are accurate when requested at the User or Group level.
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