Velocify LeadManager 2015 Minor I Release Notes

What's New in LeadManager Minor Release 1?

The following features are now available in LeadManager Minor Release 1:

  • Improved Save features
  • Upgraded support for Import functions
  • Support for pre-recording of Multiple Voicemails with DIal-IQ 2.0
  • A series of fixes to various defects and bugs detected in the product

When will my organization receive LeadManager Minor Release 1?

LeadManager Minor Release 1 will be deployed to organizations during the week of 01/26/2015 through 01/29/2015, when deployment will be complete for all organizations.


How has Velocify improved its Save features?

After receiving feedback on creating a better user experience within LeadManager, Minor Release 1 includes new functionality to prevent users from mistakenly navigating away from a page without saving changes. The new message prompt will hopefully reduce instances of lost data or settings for users at all levels. This message will appear when a user attempts to leave any LeadManager page that has unsaved changes on pages that include either a Save, Save and Close, or Submit option.


How has the Import process been upgraded?

Lead Import has received the following upgrades as part of this release:

  • Support for .xlsx files
  • Support for special characters in updates to any field (ie #%&)


How can my organization benefit from the ability to record Multiple Voicemails?

Dial-IQ 2.0 now includes as a standard feature the ability to pre-record and playback multiple voicemails. Each message can be accessed from the Dialer (shown below) and can be set to either Terminate the call after playback (ie an agent would play the message to end the call or place the message on the lead's voicemail system) or to Continue the call (ie once the message has played - such as disclaimers - the agent will be able to continue speaking with the lead). While there is no set limit as to how many voicemails an agent can create, Velocify recommends keeping recorded voicemails limited to 20 or less for best performance.

How do I setup, use, and manage Multiple Voicemails?

Information on how to use Multiple Voicemails can be found at the Velocify Support Portal.


What defects are repaired by LeadManager Minor Release 1?

The following updates and bug repairs are included in this release:

  • Fixed an issue in which Leads per Page settings were not retaining the selected options after navigating away from and returning to a page.
  • Repaired drop-down menus for Field Options.  These menus will now display scroll-bars to move through the list of available values.
  • Corrected the Lead Activity Summary report when run for a specific date so that it will not return values for dates outside of filter criteria.
  • Installed a fix so that the Modification Date now synchronizes appropriately when a user updates a field, changes a status, takes an action, or distributes a lead through update.aspx.
  • Fixed issue that was causing an error in Add Condition functionality on the Manage Posts page. 
  • Repaired Automatically Increase File Storage Space option so that it will no longer return an error message when administrators attempt to utilize this function.
  • Corrected the Enabled: Group option under Edit for Lead & Calendar Events in the Roles & Permissions page.  This option will now allow the prescribed users to have access to Edit options as intended when selected.
  • Improved the sort functionality on the Manage Users page so that sorting based on Group column includes sub-sorting of Name column in alphabetical order.
  • Added functionality to date/time fields so that LeadManager now views Date/Time, Date, and Time as separate fields that respect the implied data to be returned by these separate options (ie Date only returns the date and does not include time).
  • Standardized list order for Email Templates on all pages.
  • Cleared a bug that was preventing certain special characters from being accepted by LeadManager Email.


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