Velocify LeadManager Spring 15 Release Notes

What's New in LeadManager Spring 15?

The following features are now available in LeadManager Spring 15:

  • Improved Calendar Permissions settings for Advanced Edition clients
  • New Reporting Timeframe option: Previous Calendar Month
  • For Dial-IQ 2.0 clients, a series of new features:
    • A new report for Dial-IQ 2.0 clients who use Local Presence
    • Improved Call Duration reporting


How have Calendar Permissions been updated?

For Advanced Edition clients, the LeadManager Roles & Permissions page has been updated to separate Calendar Permissions from Lead Permissions.  Previously, permissions related to both of these functions were tied together.  This prevented organizations from being able to create unique permissions for their organization's users that had differentiation between Lead Permissions and Calendar Permissions.

The Spring 15 Release updates this tool so that organizations can assign unique permissions to either of these functions.

Note: If your organization experiences any issues with Lead or Calendar permissions (add, edit, view, delete) after this release has been deployed to your organization's production environment, please contact Velocify Support.


How can my organization use Previous Calendar Month for more accurate reporting?

Client organizations can now use Previous Calendar Month as a pre-defined time frame when creating custom reports.  This option ensures that data generated by the report contains all data for the preceding calendar month.

To use this option when creating a Custom Report, during Step 3 of Custom Report Creation, select the following options:

  • Column = Date Added
  • Operator = Within
  • Value = Previous Month

If you wish to schedule a Custom Report that uses this data set, Velocify recommends running the report on Day 1 of the month to capture the best data from the preceding month.


How has reporting been improved for organizations that use Local Presence?

This release includes a new report for Dial-IQ 2.0 clients that use Local Presence called Local Presence Phone Number Usage.  This report provides information on which Local Presence assigned to your organization are used by Agents when making phone calls to leads.  This data can provide your organization with better insight into how your Local Presence provisioned phone numbers are being utilized, as well as better understanding of where your most-contacted clients reside based on area code.



How has Call Duration reporting been improved?

Organizations that use Dial-IQ 2.0 can now quickly and accurately review average call durations for Agents, Groups, and other cross-sections of the organization, as well as individual calls. This data can provide valuable insight into where time is spent and lead to more efficient scheduling, distribution, and team management.  Additionally, the data provides a means by which to accurately adjudicate invoicing for Dial-IQ services.

The new reporting data can be found within the User Call Activity and Call Activity Summary reports under the following columns:

    • Total Call Duration in Minutes: Measures the total time of the call from the time the call was Initiated to Disconnect
    • Total Conversation Duration in Minutes: Measures the time of a call from the point at which an Agent is Connected with the call to Disconnect
    • Billable Duration: Measures the rounded-up number of billable time units of the call using the agreed-upon unit of measurement in the client organization's contract


What bugs and defects are repaired by Spring 15?

The following bugs and defects are corrected by this release:

  • Repaired the Script Form View page so that Leave Without Saving confirmation only appears when users have unsaved changes.
  • Fixed errors with Multiple Campaigns that caused distribution of leads dialing a Local Presence number to distribute incorrectly.  Leads contacted with Local Presence numbers will now be distributed according to the organization's distribution program when using Multiple Campaigns.
  • Cleared a bug that was causing the New Lead pop-up to appear twice.
  • Updated Report Export feature so that blank date fields do not populate with generic 1/1/1900 date in Excel. 
  • Updated code for the Campaign Filter in Normal View so that it no longer times out and closes automatically. Now, users will have to manually choose to close the filter window.
  • Corrected the Call Activity Summary report so that all users with the correct permissions can access the report.
  • Updated Manual Import Cancellation support article with new information.
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