Dial-IQ Release Notes April 2015

What is included in the Dial-IQ April Release?

The Dial-IQ April release features the following bug repairs and updates, which includes:


  • Corrected a bug that was causing the user assigned to a lead to be switched to External User if the lead made an Inbound call to the organization while the agent who owned the lead had the Receive Calls option disabled.
  • Repaired Many to Many Transfer so that when Hunt Group is in use, users will no longer get stuck during the transfer.
  • Adjusted Whisper Message for Cascading Hunt Group so that users have time to win the call after the Whisper Message ends.
  • Amended whisper audio message to "Press One to Win the Inbound Lead" when Inbound call routing cascades to the next sequential program.
  • During Inbound Hunt, agents will now see the Caller ID Hierarchy instead of the Lead's Phone Number.
  • Amended the Call Details' History Log so that it displays all of the agents for a given transfer.
  • Repaired Inbound call routing so that multiple, simultaneous calls to the same agent will not skip to the next call routing program if the agent disconnects with one of the calls.
  • Repaired the Call Activity Summary report so that null values within the Call Ended column will not result in errors when generating the report.
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