Velocify LeadManager 15.5 Release Notes

What’s New in LeadManager 15.5 Release?

The following features are now available with the 15.5 release:

  1. Safeguards to prevent data being overwritten or lost
  2. Addition of Timezone Protect for clients without Dial-IQ
  3. Repaired bugs and defects

What safeguards will prevent data from being overwritten or lost?

Previously data would be lost or overwritten on a lead form if two users or sources (ex. API, XML poster) were editing it simultaneously. We have implemented notifications to inform the user which data was overwritten by another user or source when saving the lead. We have developed this notification for three scenarios, shown below.

Scenario One: Merge and Save

This will appear when the changes applied to a lead by two different sources are merged together and saved. No action is required when the user receives this notification.

Scenario Two: Merge and Partial Save

This will appear when the same field was modified by two different sources simultaneously. The user who receives this notification should check the field listed (ex. Day Phone) and confirm that the correct data is populated. All other modifications made that were not listed in the notification will be saved.

Scenario Three: Total Conflict and No Changes Saved

This will appear when the same set of fields was modified by two different sources simultaneously. The user who receives this notification should check the listed fields because the changes that user made to the lead were not applied.

What is Timezone Protect and how will it work for databases that do not have Dial-IQ?

Timezone Protect is a setting that prevents leads from appearing in a user’s Priority View if it is too early or late in that lead’s timezone, which is definable by the administrator. If the timezone is not indicated on a lead, then the timezone will default to the database’s timezone.

You can locate this setting by navigating to Menu -> Preferences -> Client Settings.

In the [Settings: Client] tab, locate the Timezone Protect Settings section.

This setting defaults to disabled. To enable it, check the “Enable Timezone Protect” checkbox, then select the desired time range you would like to apply. We recommend considering it as the earliest time you want your users to contact leads (“Do Not Call Leads Before”) and the latest time you want your users to contact leads (“Do Not Call Leads After”). We also recommend using this setting in conjunction with the “Automatically Calculate Lead Time Zone” setting, also on the [Settings: Client] page.

This feature calculates the lead’s timezone upon import based on a populated field. For example, if the lead’s property zip code was 90245, then Velocify would calculate that the lead was in the Pacific timezone. This is already available on all databases.

What bugs and defects are repaired by this release?

  • We fixed the bug that was causing the Last Action Date and Last Action columns to be empty on the Leads Views when it was last updated through the API.
  • The My Leads/All Leads additional search dropdown has been modified to work again with our new releases and features.
  • Export to Nylx/LoanLogics now functions on browsers Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • The Performance Metric Report has been fixed so that it no longer sticks in “Now Loading” when the report is ran “By Groups”
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