Velocify LeadManager 15.4 Release Notes

What’s new in LeadManager 15.4 Release?

The following features are now available with the LeadManager 15.4 release:

  1. Certificate authentication of XML Poster
  2. Improved Roles and Permissions settings for Duplicate Management
  3. Ability for users to manually select softphone or handset dialing
  4. Addition of SIP address field in User Settings
  5. Addition of Reset Dialer in Manage Users
  6. Modification of pop-up notifications
  7. Implementation of Encompass credential verification
  8. Repaired bugs and defects

When will my database receive the 15.4 release?

The release will be deployed during the week of 6/22/15 through 7/1/15.


What is certificate authentication of XML poster?

If you have XML Poster, this feature has been modified to accommodate Student Information Systems and other vendors that require security certificates from Velocify’s XML poster. This allows an organization to attach and send a certificate with each post from Velocify.

How can I apply this feature?

  1. Navigate to Menu –> Administration –> Manage Posts.
  2. Select [Add New Post].
  3. Build and save your new post.
  4. Select the [Certificate Authentication] tab that should have appeared upon saving the post template.
  5. Upload the security certificate file in .p12 or .pfx format.
  6. Enter your password, re-enter, then select [Save Certificate].


How have the Roles and Permissions settings improved for Duplicate Management?

If you have Duplicate Management, this release allows you granularly define which roles can view and reconcile leads in Duplicate Management through Menu –> Administration –> Manage Roles & Permissions. If you do not have access to this page, please contact your account manager to discuss enabling this feature.

When a user flags a lead as a duplicate, the “Flag as Duplicate” screen will now only offer the [Submit & Reconcile] option if a user has all of the following permissions:

  • Read permission for Velocify Reports
  • Read/Add/Edit permissions for Lead
  • Permission to access Duplicate Reconciliation enabled for any of the following levels: All, Group, or User

Now the Duplicate Lead Notification at the top of a user’s screen will only appear if a user has all of the following permissions:

  • Read permission for Velocify Reports
  • Read/Add/Edit permissions for Lead
  • Permission to access Duplicate Reconciliation enabled for any of the following levels: All, Group, or User

Users with Duplicate Reconciliation Enabled, but who do have access to view Velocify Reports, will no longer see the following options in the Duplicate Confirmation report:

  • Compare
  • Un-Confirm
  • Delete

How are users able to manually select softphone or handset dialing?

If you have Dial-IQ 2.0 with softphone, users are now able to establish a call using a physical handset when their softphone is turned off. Previously users with softphone enabled could only place outbound calls using softphone, so an administrator would need to disable softphone on the Manage Users page if the user wanted to dial a lead outside of softphone. To enable this functionality, please ensure that your user has their direct phone number listed on their My Settings page in the Dial-IQ Phone field.

Why is a SIP address field available in User Settings?

If you have Dial-IQ and are using SIP, you will now have a SIP field available in your users’ My Settings page, rather than only the Dial-IQ phone field.

How can my organizations use the Reset Dialer option?

If you have Dial-IQ, administrators are now able to reset their users’ dialers from the Menu –> Administration –> Manage Users page. Previously if a user becomes “stuck” on a call and they are not able to receive shotgun or inbound calls or place outbound phone calls, then Velocify support would have to reset the dialer for them. Below are directions to access this:

  1. Navigate to Menu –> Administration –> Manage Users
  2. For the user whose dialer needs to be reset, select [Options], then [Reset Dialer]

This option will only be available for administrators or manager who have access to the Manage Users page.

How have the pop-up notifications changed?

Pop-up notifications like email opened notifications, calendar event pop-ups, delete confirmation, and the new lead notification have been modified to match our upcoming reskin release.  These modals are now white with black text and appear in the middle of the screen.  They have the same buttons available, like [Dismiss], [OK], [Yes/No], etc.  They still function the same and are triggered in the same way as before.

How are Encompass credentials being verified now?

Now when users enter their Encompass credentials on their My Settings page, Velocify will check those credentials to confirm that they are correct.  If the username and/or password is incorrect, the user will not be able to save.  Below is what it will look when the credentials are verified:


Velocify will also run a nightly sync to confirm that the Encompass credentials a user has inputted on their My Settings page are still correct.  If they are incorrect, the user will receive an email with the subject line "Encompass - Invalid Credentials in Velocify."

What bugs and defects are repaired by this release?

  • We corrected the error message administrators were receiving when trying to delete users.
  • Fixed errors in New Lead notification that were preventing notification messages from appearing when a new lead was available to a user, or generating a notification message erroneously when a user self-assigned a lead.
  • Upgraded how statuses are changed based on large-scale XML field updates so that simultaneous XML postings won't cause stale statuses to appear following completion of these updates.
  • We corrected the Automatically Calculate Lead Time Zone feature based off of a phone number field for leads imported from a spreadsheet or manually added in select area codes.
  • LeadManager now accepts 12:00am as a valid time entry.
  • We repaired the empty data that would previously load for some users when selecting their names on the Call Activity Summary report.
  • The Call Activity Summary report will now no longer report a call as Transfer Received by an agent if the agent did not win the transfer.
  • The lead history log will now report all agents that are involved in a transferred call, instead of only the final agent who ended the call.
  • We updated the Call Details report so that calls that end due to any reason with a reported 0.0 call time will report as either “No Answer” if the call ended during the lead leg, orAbandoned” if the call ended on the agent leg.
  • We fixed the pre-recorded voicemail functionality so that when an agent attempts to record a voicemail using a phone number that is busy or when softphone is disabled, Dial-IQ will end the recording attempt rather than continually display “Recording” on the screen.
  • We repaired the defect in call recording that was preventing some call recordings from appearing in the User Call Activity report.
  • A user now cannot save a pre-recorded voicemail that has no audio recording.
  • We fixed the User Call Activity report so that the user status now correctly reports when a user is on a Dial-IQ call.
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