Velocify LeadManager 15.8 Release Notes

What’s new in the LeadManager 15.8 release?

The following features are now available with the 15.8 release:

  1. Introduction of Advanced Lead Search
  2. Introduction of Updated Lead Views
  3. Repaired bugs and defects

These features are available for both standard and advanced clients, but are only accessible if the user is on the new reskin version.

Advanced Lead Search

What is Advanced Lead Search?

Advanced Lead Search allows you to search for leads using multiple fields on the lead form. For example, now you can search for a lead using his/her First Name and Last Name.

How can I use the Advanced Lead Search?

This option will only be accessible from the Leads à Priority View, Normal View, or Prospect View. Above the regular search bar, you will see [Advanced Search]. Once that is selected, two search fields will appear beneath it with two corresponding dropdown menus. Type the data and select the corresponding field, then click [Go].

What is the updated lead view?

We’ve added more flexibility and personalization options like filtering tools, adjustable columns and display settings to the lead view. Watch the overview video to learn more.

What bugs and defects are repaired by this release?

  • Batch processes based on custom reports with “contains” filters will now run. (Advanced)
  • When running a report or when clicking through a lead list, if a user modifies a lead then clicks [Save & Close], the user will be routed back to the previous page he/she was on. Previously the user was routed back to page one of the report or Normal View.
  • The Performance Metrics report no longer show users who are not in the selected group.
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