Velocify LeadManager 15.7 Release Notes

What’s New in LeadManager 15.7 Release?

The following features are now available with the 15.7 release:

  1. Updated dialer display when attempting to pull leads through distribution
  2. Ability to add calendar event tasks from the dialer display
  3. Enabled the ability to create custom roles
  4. Improved the action list view from the dialer display
  5. Repaired bugs and defects

How is the dialer display updated when attempting to pull leads through distribution?

If you have a pull blind distribution that automatically initiates an outbound call, then these changes affect your users’ experience when there are no available leads. Previously when a user attempted to pull a lead when there were no leads available, the display would show “Initializing,” and the call would never take place. Now when a user attempts to pull leads through distribution, the display will load in the attempt to find eligible leads, then return to the minimized view if no leads are available.

How has adding calendar events from the dialer display changed?

Previously users were only able to add appointments to a lead from their dialer display, but now they are able to add tasks as well as appointments.

How can administrators create custom roles?

If you are an advanced client and have access to your roles and permissions page, you will now see the button [Add New Role] at the top right of the page. When you click that, you can enter the name of the role and select from which current role the permissions should be copied. You can create a maximum of 10 custom roles per database.

How has the action list been improved from the dialer display?

If you have Dial-IQ and you or your users add actions from the dialer display, you will now be able to see the entire action name, rather than just the first few words.


What bugs and defects are repaired by this release?

  • The unique database name will no longer appear in the opt-out message of emails automatically sent from Velocify.
  • We rearranged the order of the views when you hover over your Leads tab.
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