Velocify LeadManager 15.9 Release Notes

LeadManager 15.9 Release Notes

What’s new in the LeadManager 15.9 release?

The following features are now available with the 15.9 release:

  1. On-Screen Notification of New Releases
  2. Expansion of Timezone Protect
  3. Repaired Bugs and Defects

These features are available for both standard and advanced clients.

On-Screen Notification of New Releases

How will I be notified of new releases?

In addition to the current release notes email and webpage, Velocify will notify users of new features when they log into Velocify. After you review the notification, you can close the window and select the “Do not show this message again” checkbox to prevent the same notification from appearing each time you log in.

Expansion of Timezone Protect

What is timezone protect?

Timezone protect is a setting that prevents Velocify from prompting users to call leads too early in the morning or too late in the evening according to the lead’s timezone. This setting works best with the “Automatic Calculate Lead Time Zone” feature. Administrators can access these settings and define the appropriate time range on the Client Settings page in the Settings: Client tab.

What has changed with timezone protect?

With the update made, leads will no longer distribute through a pull preview or pull blind distribution programs if a user pulls leads outside of the specified time range.

Repaired Bugs and Defects

What bugs and defects are repaired by this release?

  • The error message that occurred when two duplicate leads were imported simultaneously has been resolved.
  • Users can now pull leads when they sort by user in the Pull Preview page.
  • When reviewing lead lists and opening a lead, users can click [Save & Close] and be routed back to the previous lead list page, rather than to page 1 of the lead list.
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