Velocify LeadManager 16.2 Release Notes

What’s New in the Velocify 16.2 Release?

The following features are now available with the Velocify 16.2 release:

  1. Performance-based distribution (Advanced only)
  2. PossibleNow automation
  3. Enhanced dropdown field options (Advanced only)
  4. Modified data dictionary

What is Performance-Based Distribution?

Performance-Based Distribution is a key component of Velocify’s Rewardification feature set. Performance-Based Distribution is focused on rewarding high performing agents by providing them with the best leads, as determined by their administrator.

Performance-Based Distribution programs allow administrators to distribute leads to their users based on performance metrics. Administrators can set up performance tiers and define how many leads are distributed to agents that qualify for each tier.   Performance-Based Distribution programs can be set up in LeadManager much like any other distribution program.

This feature is for advanced version databases only.

How can I implement performance-based distribution?

By default, this feature is disabled on all databases. To enable this feature, please contact your account manager or Velocify support. For information on how performance-based distribution works, please download the guide at the bottom of this article.

What is PossibleNow automation?

PossibleNow is a company that tracks state and federal “do not call” regulations and enables clients to adhere to these standards. Every month, Velocify can “scrub” your lead phone numbers against PossibleNow’s do not call lists to ensure that your users are calling leads according to state and federal regulations. If a lead should not be dialed, Velocify will apply a strikethrough in the lead phone number.

Velocify and PossibleNow can also prevent users from dialing leads past the mandated timeframe of their original submission by calculating an established business relationship timeframe according to industry guidelines.

If you are interested in adding this integration to your database or would like to learn more about it, please contact your account manager or call the Velocify support team at 844-327-3296.

How are dropdown fields changing?

Previously a dropdown field could accept any data in the Lead View/Edit page.

With the enhancements made to dropdown fields, administrators can control whether or not users can input custom data into a dropdown field. This setting is available on the Form Builder page (Advanced only) in the Add/Edit Field box.

Checking the “Allow manually entered data” box will allow users to input their custom data. Leaving the box unchecked will prevent a user from saving their manually entered data in a dropdown field.

How has the data dictionary changed?

With the addition of International Dialing in Dial-IQ, Velocify now allows for extended international phone numbers. Because of this, the data dictionary for the FTP extract has changed, and the revised version is attached to this article. Please note that phone number fields should now be amended to receive 20 characters for international numbers.

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