Velocify LeadManager 16.3 Release Notes

What’s New in the Velocify 16.3 Release?

The following feature is now available in the 16.3 release:

  1. Advanced Lead Search

This feature is available for both Standard and Advanced editions.

Advanced Lead Search

What is Advanced Lead Search?

Advanced Lead Search allows you to search for leads using multiple fields on the lead form. For example, now you can search for a lead using the lead’s first name and last name combined.

How can I use Advanced Lead Search?

This option is accessible from the Priority View or Normal View . Above the regular search bar, you will see [Advanced Search]. Once that is selected, two search fields appear beneath it with two corresponding dropdown menus. Type the data and select the corresponding field in the dropdown menu, then click [Go].

Note that Advanced Lead Search has the same capabilities as normal search.  Only custom fields that are marked filterable will appear in the dropdown menus.  The search will return results that start with the characters entered.  For example, "Bria" will return "Bria" as well as "Brian.”



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