Velocify Pulse June 16 Release Notes

This release includes new features and maintenance improvements.  

 Features include:

  • Call Disposition Data: Sales Managers gain visibility into the outcome of call activity to improve sales strategy and execution. Call data will be captured and associated with actions (dispositions) via enhancements to the Velocify Record History. Two new canned reports are available as templates: Last Week's Velocify Call Activity by User, and Results from Calls Last Week.
  • Better ability to track changes to a record when it is owned by a Queue.
  • Every Pulse Action, as well as other events such as ownership or status change, is now stored as its own record attached to the Velocify Record History. This enables much better reporting and improves data transparency and feeds the two new canned reports.
  • CPU Optimization of all Pulse processes especially on batch import, upsert, and ownership changes.

 Notable fixes include:

  • Fixes for the Salesforce 1 Mobile application focusing on dialing and other cosmetic issues.
  • Fixed edge case on Asynchronous conversion where the error “Too many query rows: 50001” could stop the process.
  • Fixed issue where the Billing/Shipping Street could not be used as an Export Criteria.
  • Minor improvements to the Sandbox Reset process introduced in our May ’16 release.

Check out the Step-by-Step guide attached to this article to learn more about all of the new features included in the release. 

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