Velocify LeadManager 16.4 Release Notes

What’s New in the Velocify 16.4 Release?

The following features are now available in the 16.4 release:

  • Prospect View (Advanced only)

Prospect View

What is the Prospect View?

Prospect View is a secondary lead list that can hold leads that are not a priority.  This prevents lower priority leads from inundating a user’s Normal View or Priority View.  A user could work with Prospect View leads after addressing all leads in Priority View and Normal View, or if the user would like to contact leads from a different lead source.  

How do I enable Prospect View?

Administrators may enable Prospect View by emailing a request to

How do I configure Prospect View?

When a list provider is selected in the Provider dropdown on the Add/Edit Campaign page, an additional field will appear called “Add Leads to Prospect View.”  Check that box and click [Submit].

Understand that Velocify will process prospect leads as regular leads so modify your distribution and reporting filters as needed.  Use the new Object Type ID filter column for these modifications.  For example, to build a distribution program that distributes only prospect leads, the filter [Object Type Id] equal to Prospect should be used on that distribution program.

To prevent prospect leads from distributing through active lead distribution programs, add the filter [Object Type Id] not equal to Prospect to the program filters.

You can also import leads from a spreadsheet directly into Prospect View through import mappings (Menu – Lead Management – Import Mappings) using the field Object Type Id.

On the spreadsheet, use the text “Prospect” to denote which leads are prospects and which are active leads.  To import a combination of prospect and active leads, use “Prospect” and “Regular” in the applicable cell on your spreadsheet.

How do my users use the Prospect View?

If there are leads in a campaign selected as a prospect campaign, users will have an additional dropdown selection called Prospect View when they hover over the [Leads] tab.

Your users can call and action these leads like they would any other leads, but they also have the ability to “promote” a lead in the Options column.  When a user promotes a lead, it moves it from the user’s Prospect View and to the user’s Normal View and Priority View based on the user’s filters and system configuration.

What filter options are available?

Prospect View includes advanced filtering.  When Advanced Filters is selected, the user sees a pop-up window for filtering the list of prospect leads.  Users may create filters based on any field.

After setting up filters and selecting [Save & Go], the user returns to the filtered Prospect View.  Note that advanced filters override the normal filters, which are hidden when the advanced filter results are shown.  Users have the ability to clear the custom filters and unhide the normal filters.

For more information about Prospect View, please download the Quick Start Guide attached to this article.



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