Velocify LeadManager 16.9 Release Notes

16.9 Email Changes

To improve email message quality and tracking, the following changes have been made:

  • Lead owner’s email address must be verified for emails to be sent to related leads
  • Email message must have a Subject
  • “From:” address cannot be changed in manual emails

Lead owner’s email address must be verified

In 16.8, Velocify released the ability to opt out of the email verification process.  If the client opts out, all new users’ email addresses are verified automatically, and new users will no longer receive a verification email request.

With 16.9, if you do not have email verification opt-out enabled, emails will not be sent to leads if the lead owner’s email address has not been verified.

Users with unverified email addresses will see the following message when they log into Velocify 16.9:

“Currently your emails are not sending because your email address is unverified.  Click here to send a verification email to your email inbox.  If you do not receive a verification email, please contact your administrator.”

A user seeing this message should select the link and follow all email verification instructions to ensure emails are sent to that user’s leads.

Note: Only the user and Velocify Support can verify that user’s email addresses. If a user is not available to verify an email address and emails must be sent to leads related to that user, a client administrator can contact Velocify Support for assistance.

Email message must have a Subject

Before 16.9, email messages could be sent with no Subject. Now email messages will not be sent or queued if they do not have a Subject.

Client administrators should verify all email templates have subjects by selecting Menu > Administration > Manage Emails. Click the Subject column header to sort and group emails by subject. Add a Subject to all emails that do not have one.

“From:” address cannot be changed in manual emails

The “From:” address cannot be changed when preparing to send a manual email. Client administrators must change the template or create a new template if a different “From:” address is needed.

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