Dial-IQ 3.3 Release Notes

Hunt Group Distribution: Lead assignment


Prior to 3.3, for clients using hunt group distribution, when a lead was not connected to a user, the lead record would remain assigned to the user that was last tried through distribution even if the user did not answer the call.

As of 3.3, if a lead is not connected to a user during hunt group distribution, the lead record will now remain unassigned.


Transfers: Enhancement to user availability


Prior to 3.3, when setting the number of users to notify during transfer distribution, user availability (ex: Calls/Leads buttons on/off, user max leads etc.) was not being taken into account.


As of 3.3, transfer distribution will ignore unavailable users and will offer the lead to the set number of available users in order to maximize the chances of finding a connection.


Transfer Column: User Call Activity Report and Call Details Report


As of 3.3, in both the User Call Activity Report and the Call Details Report, the “Transfer” column will display ‘Yes’ if a transfer between two users is successful.


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