Velocify Pulse September 16 Release Notes

This release includes a new Widget Library and maintenance improvements.

New Features:

Widget Library

Bring all of the tools and information sellers need right into Pulse to dramatically speed task execution and improve customer engagement. The new Velocify Pulse Widget Library is a highly extensible and flexible framework to make each of your sellers more productive. Widget Library builds on existing functionality in 4 ways:

  • Allows for greater personalization – each user/role can see a different set of widgets for each Salesforce Object (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities)

  •  Expands Widget Layout options as well as location widgets can be used (Priority View, Detail Page, and now the dialer HUD)

  • Defines which Related Objects and fields to display in the Related Records widgets

  • Provides additional out-of-the-box default widgets

Take Action Widget

Email Verification Widget

Dialer Widget 

Call History Widget

Important Widget Configuration Update:

For clients that have Call Recordings enabled, please advise their Velocify Admin to add the Call Recording widget to the Detail Pages.


Go to Velocify Admin – Sales Optimization – Widget Layout – Default Detail Layout – Edit – Add Tab – Select “Call Recordings”. This can be done for each configured object: Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity.

Please also be reminded that the Detail layout now displays horizontally (as shown below).

Improvements/notable fixes include the following: 

  • Continued Focus on Performance Improvements
    • Velocify Triggers have been refactored and separated into Insert, Update, and Delete Versions.
    • Implemented caching of the Dialer Heads Up Display (HUD)
  • Created additional data groupings for the Call and Disposition Data ReportsAddressed issue where Cold Transfer was attempting to change record ownership 

Reminder: Production updates will be pushed the first full week of every month; release previews will be pushed to Sandbox 2-3 weeks prior. This release cycle will apply to all customers.

Check out the Widget Library Guide attached to this article to learn more about all of the new features included in the release.  

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