How do I report a problem with my dialer?


As a user, you experience unexpected behavior, such as severe static or an unintentional disconnect, when trying to make or receive calls through Velocify Dial-IQ.

As a client administrator, you need to investigate issues reported by users and, if related to Velocify Dial-IQ, contact Velocify Support for assistance.


You hear one ring then silence:

The number you called is busy or an invalid number (out of service, for example). Please follow these steps:

  1. Dial the number again:
    • If the call connects, the number was busy at the time the previous call was made.
  2. If you still hear silence, dial the number manually, not through Dial-IQ:
    • If the call connects, the number was busy at the time the previous call was made.
    • If you hear an “out of service” or similar message, the number is invalid and you may need to try a different contact method.
  3. If you still hear silence, please notify your Client Administrator and provide:
    • Lead ID
    • Call time
    • Description of the behavior

For all other issues:

If the issues repeat and are severe enough to keep you from communicating with the person you called, please notify your Client Administrator and provide:

  • Lead IDs
  • Call times
  • Descriptions of the behaviors

Client Administrators

If you are a Client Administrator and users notify you of dialer issues, please follow these steps:

  1. Investigate the issue to determine if the behavior may be related to something other than Velocify, such as your phone system, network, or carrier. For example:
    • Try to recreate the scenario outside of Dial-IQ. If the behavior exists, it likely is not Dial-IQ-related.
    • Listen to a call recording to verify severity of audio degradation.
  2. If the issue still appears to be Dial-IQ-related and is repeatedly interfering with one or more user’s calls, please open a case with Velocify Support and provide the following for at least 3 samples:
    • Lead ID
    • Call time
    • User name
    • Description of the behavior
    • How frequent the behavior occurs or if the behavior is sporadic
    • If and how the behavior can be reproduced
  3. If you have multiple, different behaviors occurring, please open separate cases. For example, if you are experiencing dropped calls and static, open a case for dropped calls and another for static. This speeds up troubleshooting and enables better tracking for you and Velocify Support.
  4. If your case has been closed and you need to submit a similar issue, please open a new case.
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