Velocify Pulse November 16 Release Notes

Valued Pulse Clients -

The Pulse November release contains new Softphone functionality and maintenance updates.


  • Released to your Sandbox beginning October 31st 2016
  • Planned release to Production org – week of November 14th.

New Features

Softphone: The Velocify Softphone allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet via a computer. The Softphone is primarily intended for use by our international Pulse DIQ users. It allows clients who do not have dedicated desk phones the ability to make calls through Pulse. 

       Interested in Softphone? Please contact your Account Manager.

Features and fixes

  • Following substantive client feedback, the Delete record option has been removed from the Velocify Pulse page for Priority View and List View.
  • 3 new columns have been added to the Velocify Administrator – Priority Rules Page: Display Name, Display Details, and Object Type.
  • Velocify Administrator pages have been expanded to utilize more of the visual workspace.
  • Hide the option to create SF list views from users when List View is disabled.
  • Resolved issue when adding a new record by selecting the “+” icon for an object (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity). Users will now be presented with the Salesforce Record Type selection page, if Record Type choices are available for the user.
  • Call Details and the Velocify Record History Items (VRHI) have been merged in the Object Detail History for click-to-dial. This creates a single Call history for a call.
  • Reduced Sync Element errors due to TRASNFER_REQUIRES_READ permissions when assigning Velocify Record History (VRH) and Velocify Record History Items (VRHI) assignments.
  • Updated Velocify History so Call Detail is a link that will take the user to the Calls Made page.

Please reach out to your account manager or if you have any additional questions.


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