Velocify Pulse December 16 Release Notes

Pulse Release Communication

December 2016 Release


We are pleased to announce the December 2016 Velocify Pulse release. The release contains new features and addresses maintenance items.


Release Schedule


  • Release Preview available in Sandbox – Dec 5, 2016
  • Automatic Upgrades for Production begin Dec 12, 2016

New Features


New User Interface 

  • New Priority Information Bars
  • Ability to define Primary Action per Priority Rule
  • Ability to take group actions (Call or Email Blitz)
  • Display up to 100 records in Priority View
  • Ability to multi-select records to act upon within Salesforce List Views
  • Ability to support client Opt-in / Opt-out of new User Interface. *If you need more time to implement the new UI, you can continue to use the existing UI until early 2017.



Next Activity

  • Ability to guide the user through Next Activity whether Call or Email
  • Automatically log Action Taken when Email Activity is completed

Email Composer

  • Users can quickly and effectively send emails through Velocify Pulse
  • Users can create their own email or select from the Salesforce email templates: public or personal
  • The email will appear in user’s sent box (Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo)
  • Attachments can be included with email

Custom Permission Set assignment upon License Assignment

Notable Fixes


  • Upon request of many customers, the Delete record option has been removed from the Velocify Pulse page for both Priority View and List View.
  • Allow time zone mapping to a Text Field. Previously, the time zone field mapping only supported picklists. Some clients that have and established Salesforce org use a text field to track the time zone. This enhancement allows for time zone mapping from either a picklist or a text field.
  • Update Pulse Distribution to allow for "Batching". Instead of waiting for all distribution programs to complete, create a system to push the Distribution results in a batch (e.g. 50 records) to ESS as the distribution is progressing rather than waiting for the completion. At the end of the batch, push any remaining records to make sure all distribution results have been queued.
  • Added DIQ Transfer permissions to a new "Velocify DIQ Expanded Features" Permission Set. This new Permission Set can be added to the Default assignment as described in the new features section.

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any additional questions.


Best Regards,

Velocify Pulse Product Management



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