Velocify LeadManager 16.12 Release Notes

What's New in the Velocify 16.12 Release?

 The following features are not available in the 16.12 release:

  1. ReportHub
  2. Defect fixes

ReportHub is available for both Standard and Advanced Edition clients. It is automatically enabled for all accounts.


For details on Velocify ReportHub, please reference the ReportHub Overview article and ReportHub Data Dictionary found at these links.

Defect Fixes


DE15753: Unsubscribe Link - Is not URL Encoded


On some of the text-formatted templates the unsubscribe URL excludes few last characters. Therefore when clicked - produces an error.


DE15519: Email Templates - User custom field tags do not work as To address


If you use custom field tags [{User.Custom1}, {User.Custom2}, {User.Custom3}, or {User.Custom4}] in the To address, it will instead use {User.Email} field tag.

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